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Corsair Films is not a film producer. Our company, placed in Barcelona, is focused on video filming and aerial photography using drones.
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News and curiosities about audiovisual word


Sigourney Weaver received the Donostia Award


Sigourney Weaver received the Donostia Award during the 2016 San Sebastian International Film Festival on September 21st.

This lifetime achievement honor coincided on the premiere of her latest film, A Monster Calls, directed by J.A. Bayona, where she is playing grandmother to 13-year-old protagonist.

She received the Donostia Award at the gala screening of the film in the Kursaal Auditorium.

A great award for an actress who takes risks!

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San Sebastian Festival's 64th edition


The Opening Gala of the San Sebastian Festival's 64th edition will take place on September 16th in the Kursaal Auditorium.

The gala directed by the actor, producer and screenwriter Patxi Barco, will be presented by the actresses Emma Suárez, Mireia Gabilondo and Cayetana Guillén Cuervo.

The Ceremony will revolve around three LED screens furnishing the atmosphere for the gala and interacting with events on stage.

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Corsair Films made the aerial shots for the new teaser of MagnoEntertainment


Last July we made the aerial shots for the new teaser of MagnoEntertainment, titled Kicks 30,000, directed by Santiago Alvarado and starring by Alberto Jo Lee.

The film will be introduced in the next edition of the International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia 2016, in Sitges next 7 to 16 October.

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49 International Fantastic Film Festival


A new edition of the International Fantastic Film Festival will take place in Sitges next 7 to 16 October.

This year the 49th Sitges Film Festival will be bursting with the latest and most innovative genre cinema, and will be raising its curtain with a catalan production, the European premiere of the terrifying Inside. The movie directed by Miguel Ángel Vivas, with screenplay by Jaume Balagueró and Manu Díez.

An excellent opportunity to enjoy with great films.

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Bronze Lions Awards for Luis' Dream by Javier Navarro


The piece made by Javier Navarro and produced by Oxígeno for OGILVY & MATHER AGENCY, "Luis' Dream" has been awarded a Bronze Lion in Cannes Lions Festival 2016 in the category of Health and Wellness.

Corsair films had the privilege to participate in this project making the aerial shots using our drons.

Congratulations to the whole team !!!

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The DJI Focus uses brushless motors for previously unheard of levels of precision and accuracy. The brushless motor puts just ±0.02° of accuracy in your hands so that turning the remote is just like turning the lens itself. It also features high torque and a fast reaction speed so you can keep your subject in focus no matter how it moves.

Max. Transmission Distance 100 m (out and unobstructed)

Operating Frequency 2.415-2.473 GHz

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New prototype Phantom VEO


This camera is still only a prototype but has been designed to shoot slow camera and reduce costs. It is expected to have a range up to 1500 fps in 2K

Still no price and launch date.

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Monitor Blackmagic Video Assist 4K / 7"


It has indicators focus and focal length regulators incorporated for better results. Also, it is available the histogram of the images, in order to adjust the exposure. This equipment has a built-in recording function that allows manage without low-resolution files and replace low-resolution cameras that record in tapes.

It supports ProRes and DNx high-quality formats, so it allows use any editing program. It gives the option to record content for a longer time, thanks to the two memory card slots that allow exchange the recording media during filming.

The equipment includes inputs and outputs with the latest technology SDI 6G and HDMI 2.0, a LANC connector for control and functional options in order to start recording automatically when it detects SDI and HDMI signals. It has a encoder for ProRes Proxy, ProRes LT, ProRes 422 and ProRes 422 HQ formats, an audio input 3.5 mm that allows supervise and built-in speaker.

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DaVinci Resolve 12.5 Beta y Fusion Connect


Nowadays, DaVinci has awaited features, such as direct connection to Fusion 8, called Fusion Connect. It works easy (very similar to the workflow between Premiere Pro and After Effects). Fusion Connect allows DaVinci Resolve's users send a clip from the timeline to Fusion for operations of composition updated automatically in DaVinvi Resolve 12.5.

At the DaVinci Resolve 12.5 version, all areas of the software have been enhanced, from editing, audio, color, media and export, highlighting among other innovations:

• A lot of improvements of capacity and interface, with tools reorganization.
• New default keyboard shortcuts for direct access to more options.
• Improvements of the effects of speed clips (Retime).
• Improvements in editing keyframes and curves control points.
• New options for markers in the timeline.
• New transitions and modes for composition clips.
• New Audio Plugin Manager in order to process audio plugins.
• Support for DaVinci Color Transform Language.
• Power Windows and ResolveFX can be tracker by a tracker Point.
• Improvement of Spatial Noise Reduction.
• Controls color edition HDR extended.
• Support HDMI 2.0a metadata.
• Nowadays OpenFX includes ResolveFX with effects accelerated of video by CPU and GPU.
• Improved management and handling of nodes.
• Better support RCM and ACES in order to manage the color space of RAW RED cameras.
• Expanded support for new options and export formats of video and audio.
• DaVinci Resolve translated into Spanish.

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The Revenant was filmed almost entirely with Alexa 65 Camera


The Revenant movie was the winner of 3 Oscar in 2016, including one for Best Cinematography (Emmanuel Lubezki)

It was filmed almost entirely (40%) with Alexa 65 Camera and lens Master Primes, mainly 12, 14 and 18 mm , and also with the Leica Summilux 14, 16 and 18 mm .
The filming was done with a minimum of T5.6 in order to obtain a great depth of field.


Emmanuel Lubezki
"The reason I wanted to use the Alexa 65, is because it is the first time I 've felt that a camera and a lens could capture what I was seeing, what I was feeling. Before the Alexa 65 always had a commitment. Only you were filming part of what you wanted - but this gives you everything ."

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New DJI Ronin-MX


DJI Ronin - MX with internal GPS system

Specially designed to be placed in drones, it is the first stabilizer that includes an internal GPS system. It provides information about the strength of gravity, acceleration and speed of the device, that allows a greater stability to the camera when working in fast-moving situations, with wind and high speed.

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Raven is the new RED Camera


The new RED CAMERA - 4K and LowCost

4K video recording speeds up to 120 frames per second and can record in RAW format RedCode compression of 5 : 1 to 24 frames per second.

It has a modular and metal body , microphone and integrated Wi -Fi and a bayonet for optical EF fixed on the front .

Sensor 20.48 mm. (smaller than an APS- C and slightly larger than a micro four thirds) that can record 4K images at 120 fps or 2K images at 240 fps. Video recording 4K with speeds up to 120 frames per second as well as the ability to record RAW Redcode (R3D9 format with a compression ratio of 5 . 1 to 24 frames per second. Another advantage is that it can record simultaneously both Redcode and Apple ProRes ensuring the best image quality in any format.

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New Small HD Studio Monitors


Monitors 10 bits HDR 17, 24 and 32 inches

Model 32" Screen Size 32 "/ 81 cm
Resolution 1920 x 1080 - Depth 10 bits - Brightness 1500 cd / m²
Video E / S Inputs - 2 x SDI - 1 x HDMI

Model 24" Screen Size 24 "/ 61 cm
Resolution 1920 x 1080 - Depth 10 bits - Brightness 1000 cd / m²
Video E / S Inputs - 2 x SDI - 1 x HDMI

Model 17" Screen Size 17 "/ 43 cm
Resolution 1920 x 1080 - Depth 10 bits - Brightness 1000 cd / m²
Video E / S Inputs - 2 x SDI - 1 x HDMI

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The new Alexa Mini, the smallest and lightest camera ARRI


Designed for recordings with drones and light equipment

Made of carbon fiber and designed for filming with drones, stabilized supports and special circumstances in general, that require light equipment.
Dimensions 185 x 125 x 140 mm, and weight only 2.3 kilos, thanks to its carbon fiber casing and the incorporation of a mount for interchangeable PL titanium lens by other systems bayonets such as BC or Canon EF. ALEV III CMOS Sensor Super 35 format 4: 3 for anamorphic lens filming. You can record video 4K ProRes 4444 with up to 200 progressive frames per second, and allows video recording in RAW format with a resolution of 2880 x 1620 pixels at 30 frames per second.

It has two slots for CompactFlash cards compatible with the CFast 2.0 specification. Wi-Fi connections, HD-SDI, Genlock and SDI-6G, three built-in ND filters and a dynamic range of up to 14 steps are the features of the new camera Arri.

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Rokinon presented the range of lens cinema Xeen


A range of professional lens and high quality low cost

This year was the official presentation of the lens by Rokinon, a korean brand, characterized by lens of very good quality and low cost.
The Xeen lens are for professional and cinema area. Five lens have been presented: 14mm T3.1 and 24mm, 35mm, 50mm and 85mm T1.5.

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KINEFINITY, Apocalypse Cameras


High quality and low cost for Film Cameras

During this year TERRA by Kinefinity has been presented. The main novelty is that this camera can record in 6K reaching 225fps at 2K.
These cameras are called "Apocalypse Cameras" because they could mean the end of large and positioned cameras as RED or ARRI, mainly due to their high quality and low cost for a professional film camera.

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